Josefin Norlin Shop


Hi, my name is Josefin Norlin and I am an illustration artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m running the recently founded ‘one man business’ Bildbyrån Norlin & Co. A small, personal and heartfelt studio for all things creative, but mainly illustration. I started out in retail and conceptual development which have given me a profound sense of sales and a hands on approach to most things.

I grew up in a hard working but creative family, my parents each had their own business and life has always been about doing what you love and working really hard to get it. I kind of always knew I was going to work with images and the way things appear, because I tend to perceive the world one image at a time. I love bold and bright colors and often find myself drawing people, plants and interiors. I have a quite playful and cute style with quirky details.
Your support means the world to me and be sure to let me know if there is anything on your mind! I aim to please and it is super important to me that you are happy with your new item!

This is my shop filled with art prints and original art work. Hope you enjoy!

If you are looking for more of a comission work, don't hesitate to contact me or visit my website: